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Cave Photography on TV!

In May my cave photography was featured on Irish TV’s ‘Leitrim County Matters’. During the piece I took the film crew and presenter up to Teampall Shetric (Co. Leitrim) to give them a sample of caving and cave photography. I am very impressed by the end results in what is quite a unique and enjoyable piece. Give it a watch below!


My entry on Teampall Shetric cave can be seen here.

teampall shetric

Francie Boylan from Irish TV in Teampall Shetric!

Teampall Shetric Revisted

I finally got a chance to make a photographic visit to the fantastic Teampall Shetric in North County Leitrim. I’ve added photos to my entry and beefed up the text. I hope you enjoy! Click here to go to the Teampall Shetric Page.

teampall shetric

Shannon Cave!

I’ve been sitting on a few photos of this cave that I wanted to share. Finally I made a photo-trip this month with Breifne Caving Club and got more photos to justify an entry. Follow the link here.