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Boho Cave

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In my opinion Boho Cave is a highly underrated cave. Situated close to the dramatic entrance of Pollnagollum‐Coolarkin, and undoubtedly connected to it, it may initially seem somewhat more prosaic. In recent decades the cave was unfortunately quarried with a loss of numerous chambers and bat roosts.


The Rift in Boho Cave

The Entrance areas and South Series are often used as a short beginners introductory trip to caving. These pleasant and walkable tunnels soon give way to 2.5 km of muddy, maze‐like passages, parts of which have very tight squeezes. Added to this is Boho’s extraordinarily large rainfall catchment area which enables the cave to fill to the roof within an hour, although due to its complex hydrology it may often take a day or two until after the rain has passed to flood.

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Despite this, Boho is a fascinating place containing a mix of landscapes. The initial passages of smooth limestone and bedded black chert bed gives way in parts to large chambers with red sand floors and superfluous amounts of stalactites. There is also a plethora of white moonmilk roofs (a testament to bacterial and chemical activity in calcite precipitate), heavily scalloped rifts, many fossils and the silent and eerie Pilaster ‘monument’. Boho is also exceptional for having a fantastic public house (The Linnet Inn) right beside the parking area meaning that, after a muddy day’s caving, a pint of Guinness is hard to beat.

The relatively large Formation Passage at Boho Cave, Fermanagh.

Formation Passage, where it is suddenly possible to stand up again!

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Boho is a good cave to practice cave photography. When starting out first it is ideal to practice in an ‘easy’ cave which has many features you will see in other caves, e.g. large passages, tight passages, rifts, grey walls, calcite features, etc. It is an easy to access cave and a good place to figure out what equipment you will need. When starting out you should take all the gear you have and test it in a comfortable environment as it is preferable to learn in such a cave that your ammo box is not waterproof rather than in an active stream cave. Likewise, it is best to learn here that you are carrying too much gear rather than at the bottom of a 100m pitch!

Again, Boho is an accessible cave but should not be visited without caving experience and knowledge of its workings. However, there a local caving groups which visit it regularly and they should be a natural point of contact.
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