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Pollnagollum (Of The Boats): New Photos

I have updated the Pollnagollum page with a series of new photos. It’s been a while since I took photos here and the most recent ones were taken with the help of just one other caver. It took quite some time and patience on behalf of my helper. Also, a lot of vintage flashbulbs laid their lives down for these photos so I hope our efforts were worthwhile 🙂

Click here to see the new photos.


Rediscovering Pol na Leprechauns, Co. Leitrim

Recently I have taken a short and involuntary break from caving but have finally returned to it. So, I am happy to present photos of the brilliant Pol na Leprechauns in County Leitrim. I have never seen published photos from this cave and it is one I really wanted to photograph.

This was possible on recent outings with Shannon Group and their work is to be commended for pushing the exploration of the much neglected caving region of North County Leitrim.

See the full article here.

Beautiful pitch at Pol na Leprechauns


A Selection of Recent Photos

It’s been a while since I made any updates but I have not been inactive, all the opposite I have visited a large number of caves over July and August and thus taken on a few more projects! The following photos come from such caves, hopefully I will have more to show soon.

Peter Bryant’s Bullock Hole. Unfortunately I had some epic gear failure here (as well as in Cascades) so I was unable to light up the massive chamber to the extent I wanted. However, my flashbulb guns are being operated upon and I hope to return soon and finish the job:


Peter Bryant’s Bullock Hole


A flying visit to Pollnagossan produced this photo, of which I am quite pleased. I have updated the page also:


Trench Hall, Pollnagossan


I have also added a new entry for Pigeon Pot and updated Boho. Other caves visited such Cascades and Peter Bryant’s Bullock Hole will have to wait to get their own entries until I have more to show!

_MG_4012Pigeon Pot


Boho Cave


I have numerous photos of Cascades Rising from two trips but I will create a page for it only when I take more photos that do justice to it’s final and beautiful stretch:

Cascades final

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