A Photo-Journal Of The Irish Underground

Keshcorran / Caves of Keash


The caves of Keash are found on the western side of the Bricklieve mountains in County Sligo, an area rich in both caves and archaeology. On approach from the road can be seen a series of 16 fissures carved into the exposed limestone cliff face. These caves vary in length from a few meters to passages of approx. 100 meters.

Each cave was labelled alphabetically by early 20th century archaeologists. The caves were excavated in 1901 and in 1929 human and animal remains were found. Recent scholarship argues that the caves have played an important role in the history and folklore of the area up until quite recently.

Click on the photos to open the gallery.


The photos were taken on a trip with Breifne Caving Club during an exceptionally dry period of summer 2013. Interestingly, the pool that normally sumps in Cave ‘O’ (and in which human remains were found during a previously dry spell in 1971) was relatively dry enabling three of our party to pass through and to the true terminal of the cave, beyond the surveyed area. Photos of this area are below:


County Sligo Caves By County

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