A Photo-Journal Of The Irish Underground

Legg and the Carricknacoppan Series

Entrance to Legg

The entrance to Legg Cave

Moonmilk Chamber, Legg

Moonmilk Chamber in Legg Cave


Carricknacoppan scalloped walls and stals


These caves are located within the Marble Arch region but are not specifically part of that system.


They are small and short caves that are not regularly visited by cavers but they are nonetheless quite pretty and distinctive. The photos were taken from one day’s trip to Legg and two (of three) of the Carricknacoppan caves.


A number of photos were taken in other passages on the same river. These are very short and unnamed tunnels that included a small chalk covered chamber which offered a little respite from the hoard of terrorising midges outside.Legg, the longest of the caves, contains nice flow stone features as well as a small moonmilk chamber.


The Carricknacoppan caves are also finely decorated and are relatively spacious. What I particular enjoyed was the relative abundance of cave invertebrates, some photos of which can be found in the Cave Life section.

Nice passageway in Carricknacoppan II


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I live in the Fermanagh/Cavan region and this allows me the time to visit some of the lesser and perhaps even forgotten caves in the region. Such caves might not have as adventurous a feel to them as the more popular caves but any chance to see something new is always welcomed!

 Unusual Marble flooring in Legg Cave

Some quality limestone in Legg Cave


A short unnamed cave with pretty white walls!
 A small white chamber in a nameless section of stream passageway


County Fermanagh Caves By County

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