Robert Mulraney is a cave photographer living in Dublin. He is largely self-taught and has had an interest in photography that started in childhood. He shoots in both digital and film, and is particularly drawn to low light photography. He captures a broad range of subject matters including night-time, flash, landscape and urban exploration photography.

He began caving in 2012 and started taking his camera into caves within a year. The challenging but rewarding nature of cave photography captivated his interest, and he began a cave photography page in 2014. Since then the project has evolved from an on-line cave diary into a mission to document the unseen beauty of Irish caves. Robert enjoys writing and his texts accompanying the photos reflect his interests in the speleological, geological and historic elements unique to each cave.

Prints of many of my photographs are available upon request.

awards and published works

Photographic Awards

Speleological Union of Ireland Photographic Competition, 2016:

1st and 2nd place in all categories, judged by Robbie Shone

Best Irish Photograph
Best International Photograph
Best Humorous Photograph

Speleological Union of Ireland Photographic Competition, 2019:

1st place in Best Irish Photograph

Geological Survey of Ireland’s Du Noyer Photographic Competition, 2015:

1st place winner in Irish category

UK Hidden Earth Caving Forum, 2015:

2 Merits

Geological Society of London, 2016


Geological Society of London, 2017


Published Work

Books in which my work appears:

Dr. David Drew, Karst of Ireland, TCD, 2019

Dr. Marion Dowd, The Archaeology of Caves in Ireland, IT Sligo, 2015

Dr. Marion Dowd, Dr. Robert Hensey, The Archaeology of Darkness, NUI Galway, 2016
(back cover photo)

Graham Mullan, Caves Of Mid-West Ireland, University of Bristol, 2019

Helen Fairbairn, Ireland’s Adventure Bucket List, Collins Press, 2018

Geological Survey of Northern Ireland, Marble Arch Caves Global Geopark: Exploring the Landscape of Fermanagh and Cavan, 2016

Speleological Union of Ireland, Irish Spelelogy, various editions (No. 21, 22, 24; including front cover on latter two)

Irish TV, ‘Leitrim County Matters’, 2015.

Descent magazine (UK), Wild Places Publishing, numerous editions (No. 239, 245, 250, 255 [artist’s profile] 258,)

Underground (Ire.) magazines, numerous.

Mulraney, R. and Moran, J. (2016) An assessment of the Bunduff machair habitat and its utilisation by
wintering waders. Irish Naturalists’ Journal 35: 35-43.


Many many people have helped in getting this project and website to the stage it is at today. Every photo has had at least one other person help to take it and I am dependant on others to hold flashes and model, sometimes very uncomfortably, to get the photo. I would like to thank the caving community and its individuals for their continued help and support.

I would particularly like to thank members of Breifne Caving Club, with whom I first started taking photos. I would also like to thank Shannon Group for getting me out on the Leitrim hills to take photos hanging over dodgy potholes; with a particular shout-out to Muh, Bus and Aileen.

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