Carrickbeg Rising

County Fermanagh

Carrickbeg is the resurgence cave for great Reyfad system. It was dug in the early 70s by Reyfad Group. It is a short wet trip in which the water level gradually increases until a number of ducks and almost flooded passages are reached leading to a series of sumps. The entrance to this cave is a small roadside hole that leads through fifteen meters of horrific squeezing (in a wetsuit) under an unstable roof. It finally opens to a small chamber where the rotten cracked stone that holds it all up can be seen! It is possible to sit here and listen to the not so soothing sound of cars driving on the road overhead.

As mentioned, Cariickbeg is the rising for the Reyfad system. Reyfad is often described zealously as the finest of Irish caves, by those who have visited it. Unfortunately, that entire system is closed to all and has been for many years.

Near the end the passage begins to close down and a series of ducks appear. These are good fun but the water is cold and does not encourage you to linger.

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