A Photo-Journal Of The Irish Underground

Urchin Cave

Urchin Cave is a short sea cave on the edge of the Burren near to Doolin town. A short descent down a sheer limestone slab takes you to a low crawl and a small chamber which is dry at low tide. I tend to find most caves are unique in some way or another, however Urchin Cave is a totally different experience from the rest, with abundant marine life to be seen, the sound of waves echoing through narrow side passages and the unusual buoyancy and clarity in water, something not seen in inland caves.

Amongts the organisms I saw on my visit were multicoloured anemones, sea urchins (of course!), a sea cucumber and a number of crabs and fish. The only downside to Urchin is it’s length. In fact it’s so short that we did the trip twice!

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