Irish Caving Clubs & Groups

Breifne Caving Club Active in the Sligo to Fermanagh region

Shannon Group Exploration group active in the Fermanagh-Cavan-Leitrim region

Clare Caving Club Active in Clare. Their Flickr account has many local cave photos

Dublin Caving Group Active in both Clare and Fermanagh-Cavan

Speleological Union of Ireland Representing cavers and caving in Ireland

Cave Photography Sites

Robbie Shone, Simpy put, Incredible!

Philippe Crochet, one of my favourite cave photographers.

Wild Places Website of cave photographer Chris Howes, author of the excellent Images Below Fantastic photos from Max Wisshak

Axel Hack’s Journey German photographer active throughout Europe. His blog includes many good photos from Ireland

Darklight Imagery Flashbulb collector Christopher Anderson’s blog, based in the U.S.

Other Caving Sites

Our Wee Caves Blog of active group of friends caving in Ireland

Start Caving An excellent in-depth resource for beginners and people considering caving as a new hobby

Over the Ground Quality supplier of caving gear in Ireland


Hanging Rockers Climbing Club based in Fermanagh with access to an excellent climbing wall

Sligo Mountaineering Club

Irish Climbing Online

Cycle Leitrim a great document of local cycling routes


Bat Conservation Ireland

Irish Wildlife Trust

Ulster Wildlife

BirdWatch Ireland

Other Blogs

Sara’s Nature Blog

Irish Urban Explorations

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