Polticoghlan, South Leitrim.

The incredibly wet summer has hampered a number of trips, but I have still been active with various groups and individuals. Recently, I took a memorable trip to Polticoghlan near Drumshambo, Co. Leitrim with Irish Papua New Guinea 2015 Expedition members; read about it below. I have also made a number of trips with Breifne Caving Club and intend to publish next on the great Pollnatagha to Pollprughlisk through trip.

Polticoghlan, Co. Leitrim

Cave Photography on TV!

In May my cave photography was featured on Irish TV’s ‘Leitrim County Matters’. During the piece I took the film crew and presenter up to Teampall Shetric (Co. Leitrim) to give them a sample of caving and cave photography. I am very impressed by the end results in what is quite a unique and enjoyable piece. Give it a watch below!


My entry on Teampall Shetric cave can be seen here.

Francie Boylan from Irish TV in Teampall Shetric!

Teampall Shetric Revisted

I finally got a chance to make a photographic visit to the fantastic Teampall Shetric in North County Leitrim. I’ve added photos to my entry and beefed up the text. I hope you enjoy! Click here to go to the Teampall Shetric Page.

Shannon Cave!

I’ve been sitting on a few photos of this cave that I wanted to share. Finally I made a photo-trip this month with Breifne Caving Club and got more photos to justify an entry. Follow the link here.

Old Desmond Cave, Co. Tipperary.

Here’s some photos from Old Desmond Cave in County Tipperary – a new county in my collection. It’s a great cave and very photogenic.

Pollnagollum (Of The Boats): New Photos

I have updated the Pollnagollum page with a series of new photos. It’s been a while since I took photos here and the most recent ones were taken with the help of just one other caver. It took quite some time and patience on behalf of my helper. Also, a lot of vintage flashbulbs laid their lives down for these photos so I hope our efforts were worthwhile 🙂

Click here to see the new photos.

Pollasumera Cave, Co. Fermanagh

I have photographed another cave from in the Marlbank region of Fermanagh. This is a major river cave in the Marble Arch sytem. Enjoy! Follow the link to photos here.

New photos from Pollnagossan

Yesterday, myself and another caver from Breifne Caving Club visited Pollnagossan in Co. Cavan. It is a cave of contrasts with very neat and well decorated sections amid large mud chambers and tight wet crawls. Follow the link to see the new photos:

A New Year and a New Cave!

A new cave measuring at least 40m in depth has been discovered in County Cavan. Follow the link to read about it. Happy New Year to all my readers and let’s hope for plenty more new discoveries in 2015!

Rediscovering Pol na Leprechauns, Co. Leitrim

Recently I have taken a short and involuntary break from caving but have finally returned to it. So, I am happy to present photos of the brilliant Pol na Leprechauns in County Leitrim. I have never seen published photos from this cave and it is one I really wanted to photograph.

This was possible on recent outings with Shannon Group and their work is to be commended for pushing the exploration of the much neglected caving region of North County Leitrim.

See the full article here.