New Page: Underground Dublin II

Today I am pleased to publish Underground Dublin, Part II: The Mines of Dublin. The first part, released two weeks ago, covered Dublin’s caves and can be found here. This first part went down quite well and I would like to thank those of you, especially, who wrote say they enjoyed it. I hope part two will hit the spot too!

New pages: Underground Dublin, Part I

As lockdown slowly eases here in Ireland, I am happy to present an article, in two parts, on the underground environments of our capital city and county, Dublin. This is the result of work carried out during a time when access to the western caves for myself was impossible, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As I mention in the article, do not expect glorious photos of deep descents, this is a piece more-so based on the story Dublin has to tell about its caves and mines.

Part II, deals with the county’s mines, as well as some more unusual underground sites. This will be released over the coming days. I hope you will enjoy this rather different take on my usual style and can appreciate the not unreasonable amount of time that went in to its production! Please find the article here.

These articles are dedicated to the memory of Matthew Parkes who, on today’s date would have celebrated his 60th birthday. I would struggle to think of anyone more enthusiastic in documenting our natural heritage and sharing his knowledge of it. Matthew was probably the most keen supporter of my blog and his encouragement was a massive drive to invest in it. This drive remains today, so I hope you will enjoy my efforts.

Underground Dublin, Part I: The Caves of Dublin

2021 Update

Well, I won’t dwell more than necessary, on the fact that caving has come to a halt due to COVID-19, as we all know this. However, in between the series of lockdowns over the past year I have been able to get a few trips done and a few photos taken. The major event to occur was the successful Gorteenaguinnel Expedition in September of last year. This was organised to map uncertain caves in that region in County Leitrim just prior to the country entering a series of harder lockdowns. More will be forthcoming on this, when the |expedition leader publishes our findings in the next Irish Speleology journal.

I will attempt to keep updates coming with my backlog of photos not yet shared online. My first is an entirely rewritten page on Pollnagollum Cave in Clare with photos not before included. Please find it here.

Here is my favourite photo from the above mentioned Leitrim Expedition:

Just prior to the Expedition a few of us managed to get a flying visit to the classic Pollnagollum of the Boats in Fermanagh, where I had terrible camera flash failures but managed to get this not unreasonable shot:

Pollnagollum of the Boats

Finally, and again just prior to the expedition, on a trip to my my most local caves, in an attempt to calibrate survey gear, I got this shot from Portrane Caves:

Unfortunately, some very sad news came in October with the untimely passing of one of Ireland’s great cave geologists, Matthew Parkes. He had written on the Portrane caves and was an extremely knowledgeable man who never hesitated to share his knowledge; and I enjoyed our often long discussions by email. He was a big supporter of my website and photography and strongly encouraged my work. Rest In Peace, Matthew.

New Page: Expedition to India 2019

Delighted to finally publish an entry on last year’s expedition to the caves of Meghalaya, in the North East of India. It is a rather lengthy article which I hope you enjoy. However, if you’re here mainly for the photos it is well worth a look. Find it here:

Meghalaya, India 2019.

Interview Podcast and my first cave trip since lock-down!

I am delighted to release a link for a podcast interview I did last week for Irish Photography Podcast, Ireland’s leading photography channel. I was interviewed by hosts Darren J. Spoonley and Diarmuid O’ Donovan, both top photographers, and it went live shortly after. If you would like to hear it, follow the link below and also follow IPP as it features many fine photography interviews and discussions. It is available at:

Also, I had my first cave trip since lock-down recently. I visited one of my favourites caves Pollskeheenarinky Cave in Tipperary. I have added a couple of new photos and updated the text. Hope you enjoy!

Two new pages, June 2020

Just a quick write-up to highlight that over the last month I have added two new short cave pages:

Poll Gonzo in County Clare; and

Carrowmore Caverns in County Sligo.

geevagh carrowmore caverns caving caves of ireland cave photography
The entrance to Carrowmore Caverns

I hope you enjoy and stay tuned as my next upload with be on a much greater scale, featuring many photos from Indian caves!

Updates: Noone’s Hole and About pages

Hello all, just a quick update! My website relaunch, which happened just under two weeks ago, has been great success. Aside from the new layout, which I love, it has been receiving quite a lot of traffic and subscriptions. I am especially thankful to the many people, most of whom I do not know, who took the time to send me messages of appreciation and to tell me their own stories. It makes the effort all worthwhile.

So in other news Noone’s Hole, that fantastic pothole and cave in Fermanagh, now has an entry page full of new photos and text. I am also especially pleased to present a spectacular and awe-inspiring Noone’s Hole themed drawing, created by the wonderfully talented Becks Kelly (have a look at her Instagram account). Find it all here.

I have also updated the About section of this website with details about competitions that I have won, as well as publications in which my work has appeared. I hope to see these lists grow over the next while!

Finally, for those on Instagram who wish to follow my work, find me here on my new account: Caves of Ireland Instatgram.

Re-launch of Caves of Ireland website!

I am pleased to present a newly reworked and improved version on my website Caves of Ireland! The site, which initially started as a personal blog in 2014, quickly developed and, despite a period of recent silence, continues to attract large numbers. With over fifty thousand views and almost twenty thousand visitors, and a growing photographic archive, I have decided it’s time to re-lauch it.

Many hours of work have gone into making this possible. Every single photo, of which there are about 300, was re-stamped, resized and very many were re-edited. All of the text has been revised, and many old items removed and new ones added. New entries are being worked on at present.

The most immediate change that will be noticed is the overall appearance of the site. For this I am extremely grateful to Becks Kelly who, in large, redesigned the entire site. Her work has given it a neat consistency, a greater ease-of-read and a really smart look.

Pollskeheenarinky Cave, Co. Tipperary

Here’s a page on Pollskeheenarinky Cave in County Tipperary. The majority of photos were taken in April of this year on a club trip with Breifne Caving Club. Hope you enjoy and stay tune for more!

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