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Oweynagat: The Cave of Cats, Roscommon

As promised, here is the first in a new series of updates. These photos are from a trip to Oweynagat Cave in County Roscommon last summer. It is somewhat a different theme from usual as this cave is of much archaeological and folkloric significance. I hope you enjoy!

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News and photography awards

Things have been silent over here at Caves of Ireland for the last number of months. I have been involved in a number of digging and surveying projects and have not had time to update or even to photograph as much as I would like. However, I still have many new photos to upload and these will constitute a number of pages; I hope to get them up over the next few weeks. I also have two series of photos from caving abroad (from the Irish Expedition to Albania 2016 and a personal trip to the volcanic tubes of El Hierro) and am looking forward to sharing them soon.

In other news, I am pleased to announce that my photos have won a small number of awards in the last year. Of special note was the winning in all three Speleological Union of Ireland’s photo competitions at the Annual SUICRO symposium, held in Clare in October 2016. The categories were Best Irish Photos, Best Foreign Photos and Best Humorous Photos. The competition was judged by the uniquely talented Robbie Shone and I was honoured to be chosen to win first and second prizes in all three categories. The winning photos from the first two categories are below; I’ve not included the humorous photos as they are fairly X-rated! 🙂

Irish Category

First place:

Polnagossan, Co. Cavan, 2016.


Second place:

Lower Cradle, Co. Fermanagh, 2016.



Foreign Category

First place:

Pirogosh Cave, Albania, 2016.


Second place:

Pirogosh Cave, Albania, 2016.



Stay tuned for the up-coming feature page on the Irish-Albanian expedition of 2016. In other news, while it’s been some some time since I last updated my blog I am pleased to report the site has had over 21,000 views since its inception in June 2014. Hope to see it stay busy over the next while!