New pages: Underground Dublin, Part I

As lockdown slowly eases here in Ireland, I am happy to present an article, in two parts, on the underground environments of our capital city and county, Dublin. This is the result of work carried out during a time when access to the western caves for myself was impossible, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. As I mention in the article, do not expect glorious photos of deep descents, this is a piece more-so based on the story Dublin has to tell about its caves and mines.

Part II, deals with the county’s mines, as well as some more unusual underground sites. This will be released over the coming days. I hope you will enjoy this rather different take on my usual style and can appreciate the not unreasonable amount of time that went in to its production! Please find the article here.

These articles are dedicated to the memory of Matthew Parkes who, on today’s date would have celebrated his 60th birthday. I would struggle to think of anyone more enthusiastic in documenting our natural heritage and sharing his knowledge of it. Matthew was probably the most keen supporter of my blog and his encouragement was a massive drive to invest in it. This drive remains today, so I hope you will enjoy my efforts.

Underground Dublin, Part I: The Caves of Dublin